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We are happy to discuss installing exterior tile.

The benefits of having tile outdoors are many. You can add a lot of design and personality to your home with mosaic tile, handmade tile, glass or wood-look porcelain tile for example. You can blur the line between the interior of your home and the space outside.

The design and application possibilities for exterior tile are almost as endless as installing tile indoors. Tile pavers can be installed on grass, sand, or gravel for a unique look and practical application, and do not require grout. Handmade tile can add flair and personality as can mosaics and glass tile. Porcelain can imitate natural stone and marble, providing a timeless look on the exterior of your home while ensuring durability for generations to come with minimal maintenance.

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Because tile is made from natural materials, many tiles perform well outside. Added technologies like inkjet printing and slip-resistant surfaces make tile even more accessible for outdoor applications. That being said, not all tiles are made for exterior use and extra considerations need to be made when shopping for the right tile. We always recommend shopping at a locally owned tile distributor vs big box. You will have access to people who are more invested in your success when it comes to choosing the correct quality tile. As always we are happy to consult with you on your tile choices.

Extra care and attention to details is a necessity for exterior tile installations. Extra expansion joints are needed due to rapid expansion from heating up quickly in the sun and cooling off rapidly from the exposed night and winter elements. Proper drainage needs to be considered, especially in areas where temperatures drop below freezing.

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